Free Website Designing for Schools in Zimbabwe

Free Website design for schools in Zimbabwe

Clencore Studios has come up with an initiative termed "Connect Zimbabwe" where the company is offering free web designing for any school in Zimbabwe. Based in Bulawayo, the company seeks to assist schools develop their areas.  However, the initiative is limited to 300 schools for now. In this initiative, the idea is to encourage schools to be on the digital map. This will help former students and current students to have an appreciation of where their schools are currently and where possible, how they can chip in to help their schools grow. Some schools are in dire need of infrastructure development, books and other sort of assistance. By bringing the school on the digital map, it means the school is exposed to the outside world.

The offer is expected to change the mindset of other players in the web industry so that they can also do more. The company is requiring that for those who want to be benefit, they will foot their own domain purchase fee and hosting. The offer is also extended to support for a limited time.

Those interested must get hold of the company on its general line +263 733 285 082. Support staff will help those interested from there.

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